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There’s nothing like a giant dog, but it’s not a commitment you should take lightly. If you are interested in dogs like these, it really pays to do some research first. That’s true of any pet, but particularly for dogs this size.

Very few people who want a dog this size can successfully own one, meaning the dog lives their entire life with the same owner. There are many rescue organizations for large breed dogs.

For example, Tibetan Mastiffs are very stubborn and vocal, particularly at night. Newfoundlands drool like crazy, and the drool flies. With any dog this size, a confident yet gentle alpha role is essential.

Tibetan Mastiff reading:

Newfoundland reading:

Transporting dogs of this size is a whole different ballgame. Please get a ramp, any ramp that works, so they can get in and out without stressing their shoulders. This is a ramp that I couldn’t recommend highly enough, it’s very light but very strong:

It has been indispensable. Even if you don’t get this specific ramp, a giant dog should have a way to get in and out easily.

A bed is also a must. Here is one that’s good for indoors and out:

This is an indoor bed, but when you wash it, make sure the zippers are closed or they can rip. Otherwise they have been fantastic:

Food cannot be skimped on, these big love monsters need good grub to stay healthy. Here is an example of a decent dry food:

Water should be filtered, either bottled, with a pitcher filter, or a hose filter like this:

And that hose you use for washing your car? Not safe for drinking, and that includes Fido. These are safe drinking hoses:

So put all of that stuff in your cart, and see what it totals. Add in veterinary care, grooming, flea treatment, fencing, and see how much a dog like this really costs. These are items we have and use and have been happy with. We’d love to have 10 dogs like this, but holy buckets, the expense would be crazy! What fun though!

My hope is to raise appreciation for giant dogs, but also to reduce sales of puppies with a reality check. I love my giants, and I have no regrets, but I could see where many would be overwhelmed.

Both of these dogs were adoptions, and I would encourage looking for dogs who need to find new homes before getting a puppy.

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