Cleaning Of Silty or Mud Water Using Alum 100% Natural and Home Made

I created this video with the YouTube Video .

This video demonstrates you to cleanse Mud or silty or Brown Water Using Alum .This is Low cost and 100% natural process costs around 2 Indian Rupees.

Alum is Popularly Known as :

Sanskrit : “Sphatiki (स्फाटिकी)“
Hindi : “Phitkari (फिटकिरी)“
Telugu : “Paṭika (పటిక)“
Tamil : “Paṭikāram (படிகாரம்)“
Kannada : “Paṭika (ಪಟಿಕ)“
Gujarati : “Phaṭakaḍī (ફટકડી)“
Bengali :“Phaṭakiri (ফটকিরি)“
Marathi : “Turaṭī (तुरटी)“
Malayalam : നാമം

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