Black Berkey Water Filters – Priming and Cleaning Video
This video covers how one primes and cleans the Black Berkey Water Filters. This Berkey Water Filter video also discusses some filtration facts and properties of the black berkey water filters.

The black berkeys should be cleaned only if they get clogged. Clogging of the filters happens most often from calcium or rust build-up on the outside of the filters. This clogging of the pores prevents the water from entering the filters.

Gently scrubbing the black berkey filters under running water will remove some of the buildup and open the pores back up. If they are still clogged after this, then one would re-prime the black berkeys to push these blockages back out of the filter.

Proper priming and cleaning of the black berkeys will ensure the filters last for many years of use.

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