Easy to Build your own RV Water Filter System

Video on how to build your own high performance RV filter. I’ve found since purchasing a mini RV (pop up trailer) that anything with the word RV in it insinuates either cheaply made or super expensive. Looking at water filter systems for my trailer I found that there was a very limited selection of water filter systems that were worthy of putting into my RV but often found that they had limited filter selections and were overly expensive. I show you how to build a filter system that can not only filter out bad taste but even remove 99.999% of harmful water borne bacteria that can make you very sick. This isn’t a guarantee on my part but a certification on the filter manufacturer’s claim by independent test labs. The filter are cheap to replace, easy to service and if you break it, inexpensive to repair. My system is far more flexible in what you can do with it and the best part is that it is easily transferrable one RV to the next and you can even install it in your home if you decide to sell your RV!

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