AWESOME Trickle / Shower Filter for Aquarium – by Pondguru

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Link to the filter (Ebay):
Link to filter (Amazon UK):
Link to filter (Amazon US):
Link to pump:
Link to 50 litre clear box (60cm):
Link to 2 x 110 litre clear boxes (61cm):
(both of the above boxes are within the tank size the filter will fit – 59cm to 70cm)
Biohome filter media and foams:
Biohome & white pumice filter media (Ebay):
Red ‘lava rock’ pumice:

In this video I show an excellent shower filter for an aquarium – are DIY aquarium filters dead?
At under £20 delivered for the 9 tray version (as shown here) this represents incredible value and exceptional filtration when filled with good quality media. Super-easy to set up and perfect for fish breeders, fry rearing tank, anyone with a fish house and also for pubs and bars who keep crayfish / lobsters as part of their menu.
I forgot to mention in the video that this would also be suitable for marine systems too – use the new Biohome Ultimate Marine media which has added trace elements specific to the needs of marine bacteria or for a DIY option try the white pumice.
The reason I recommend that the white pumice is only used for high pH loving fish (Malawis, Tanganyikans, livebearers, goldfish, koi, marine) is that the white pumice has a specific pH of around 8.0 and will help to buffer water and mineralise it for those species.
Also, if you’re worried about the small holes in the spray bar clogging up you can easily add a block of coarse foam on the pump inlet to prevent that happening – it would also give fry a feeding station if you were growing on fish in your tank.
Are you adding a trickle filter to above the sump of a marine tank?
Marine version of biohome ultimate here:
This video has a run down of exactly how a shower filter works, shows options for filter media, a ramble about moving bed filters and also has other filtraton related information too.
Check out the links below for the filter, pump, media and also to videos which contain useful information about filtration and fish keeping.

Stainless steel koi shower filter:
DIY pond shower filter:
Moving bed filters 101:
Biohome Q&A:
Filtration & nitrogen cycle:
Correct way to set up a canister filter:
‘Invisible’ aquarium filter:
Aquarium tips and advice playlist:

Panasonic HC-VX870 HD camcorder
+Rode stereo microphone:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover:
JVC Everio quad proof HD camcorder:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover (opened up and held between tripod and camera base)
Zomei Z666 tripod:
Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI mini tripod:

Music by Stellardrone

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