How To Clear Up Green/Cloudy Swimming Pool Water W/ DE Filter

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It took about 3 days and to clear up this green and cloudy pool. The owner discovered there was DE going back into the pool. We disassembled the DE filter, replaced the grids, and recharged with fresh DE.

The chemical reading were:

FC 0ppm
CC 0ppm
pH 8.4
TA 100ppm
CH 300ppm
CYA 0ppm

I first removed as much debris as I could before I made any chemical adjustments using a Blue Devil Leaf Bagger and vacuumed to WASTE for the rest of the smaller grit and sand.

I used 30 oz. of acid to reduce the pH to 7.2 and used 3.5 lbs. of granular CYA to get that to 20ppm BEFORE I shocked. Very important to get the other readings in line before you shock. For green pools get the pH to 7.0 – 7.2 because the pool chlorine works better at a slightly lower pH level.

I vacuumed, shocked the pool twice, kept filtering and backwashed twice. Within a couple of days the pool water was clear and balanced. The FC was still a bit high at 8ppm but that will come down naturally through the sun and heat.

Easily clear up green and cloudy pool water using simple tips and techniques. It shouldn’t cost you hundreds of $$ and months to clear up cloudy pool water and an algae swimming pool.

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