Canister Cleaning & Filter Media Tips

Cleaning my canister filter and upgrading the media. Some tips you might find useful.
A shout-out to Pond Guru at:
In the U.S. you can get Biohome Ultimate from GreatWave Engineering: Don Chamberlain,, Ph# (408) 594-4161.
MarinePure Cermedia and Purigen are available at places like Amazon, eBay and Poly-Fill crib batting is available at fabric stores and places like WalMart.
I’m always learning, always evolving in the hobby and here I share some tips that might help. Some I’ve learned the hard (expensive) way and some through research at sites like or at Facebook pages like: “Tank Talk,” (John Hudson & KGTropicals on YouTube), “Cichlid Insanity,” “IFG,” (Eaven Alexander) and others I trust like Jay Wilson (Jay NorthfinUSA Wilson on Facebook), etc.
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