On The Porch at the South Padre Island Convention Center

Oct '99... co sponsored by Sand Castle Days and Bike Fest
by: Amazin' Walter (seen spraying the glue solution that helps hold this sculpture in place), sandyfeet, and Dennis "sandslave" Barrett

Hooked on South Padre Island 

An update by sandslave, sandyfeet and amazin'

Texas Educational Diagnosticians Association... I like the crab...
update by Amazin' Walter and Dennis "Sandslave" Barrett

 Sand Castle Capital of Texas

Lucinda "sandyfeet" Wierenga, Dennis "sandslave" Barrett and Amazin' Walter


 New Large Towers...
new front logo...

Steve "Dunehead" Mutter
Amazin' Walter
Dennis "sandslave" Barrett
Adelaide "barefoot beach bum" Bennett

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 Sandy Feet

 Amazin' Walter


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