Christy's Dad "The Amazin' Walter" ran away with the Circus...
Only problem was, they made him give it back.

 Greatest Show on Earth

 Run away and join the circus!

Karen and Amazin'The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus,

The Greatest Show on Earth!

 tiger whisker

The Wizards Dream (come true)center ring

Chip and the Old Block!


Once upon a time Amazin' Walter ran away to the circus for a week of frolicksome fun with his daughter, Christy "the clown". Not just any old circus... THE circus.. yep... Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey... it was the highlight of a very highlighted year for Amazin'. Christy then assembled this series of photos and put them in sleeves in an album made with a popcorn box from the circus as a cover. the clever sayings in gold are written on the sleeves of the book by Christy. The background of this page is a piece of albino python skin and the divider graphic is a scanned tiger whisker.

Thanks a million to all the wonderful people "on the road"!
tiger whisker

I don't get much chance to feel tall... thanks Michu...Michu and Amazin'Michu and I are about the same age... i wonder if people ask him what he's gonna be when he grows up, like they do me...

This hat feels pretty good on my head... hmmm Ringleaders

Watch yourself Jim... i can see myself in your job... Laddles and jellyspoons! Hurry Hurry Hurry.... or something like that...

tiger whisker

 Kahn and Amazin'

Kahn makes me look tiny... he was once a cab driver... i keep wondering how he could get in a regular size car?

 Backstage Pass
 Ayala Sisters and Amazin'
The Ayala Sisters...

 Cecelia and Christy
Cecelia and Christy

 Karen and Amazin'
Karen and Amazin' get a little quality time together....

 Amazin' and Zelda Von Zimmerman
Zelda Von Zimmerman.... wow!

Blue Unit Clowns and Amazin'
The Blue Unit Clowns and Amazin' Walter.... thank you.... thank you.... thank you.....
Amazin'' & Turs
Oxana.... Amazin'.... Tatiana... they're from the Flying Turs

 the Pavlovs and Amazin'
Tatiana and Sasha Pavlov

Stars of the Circus of the Equator
The stars of the circus of the equator... and Amazin'

The Quiros, Roberto, Vicente, Amazin' (honorary), Angel, Rene'
tiger whisker
 walks with elephants

Christy without makeup

 Walking with elephants.... that's Christy without the makeup....

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