Know me as: Amazin' Walter, proud Texan, Grand Poohbah of the Sons of the Beach*, resident of South Padre Island, my "end of the road island paradise"... my friends do. Below is a list of some of my accomplishments, some recent and some not so recent but more impressive. I take life a day at a time and think that variety is the spice of life. Here's thanks to all who helped me be who and what i am, my mother, my father, my daughter, my fairy god mother (AKW), a 50 year long list of friends, especially Lucinda "Sandy Feet" Wierenga, fellow SoB, my partner in sand, publishing, and performance. She's also my ex-wife, and my world wide web guru. http://www.unlitter.com

Selected Accomplishments
"Owed to Gaudi"
3rd place
World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition


1996 will stand out in my memories as the year I won 3rd place (solo division) at the World Championship Sand sculpting Competition at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. Other proud moments in sand sculpting competitions include: 2000, 2nd place Ft Myers... 1992 1st place at The American Sand Sculpting Championship (a solo event) in FtMeyers Beach Fla. :1986 2nd place (team w/SandyFeet and M.E. Montgomery) at Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, Va: 1994 4th place (team w/SandyFeet)Minnesota State Fair Professional Competition.

"Wizards Roost"
1st place
American Championship Sand Sculpting Competition



2000.... Sand has taken us around the world... well sandy feet anyway... i been to Canada and Japan... and many places in the U.S.

Sand sculpting as entertainment is a fairly new concept to me too. Though I did my first "paid demonstration" in 1985 when the South Padre Island Tourist Bureau took me to a convention to attract attention to their booth (SandyFeet went along and went out to North Padre Island and entered a sand sculpting competition)14 years experience has changed our work considerably. 1998 found Sandy Feet and I constructing a large demonstration sculpture at Portfest in Newport Arkansas for the 7th year,we worked for Intercollegiate Communications for 6 years in a row here on SPI during spring break building castles for Chrysler, Sprint, Geo and others and for other promoters working with Ocean Spray and AT&T (see this one now at http://spionline.com/album/sprngbrk99.html .) We worked on The Lost City of Atlantis in SanDiego during September '97... it is a new world record... We have built sand castles in 12 states and 4 countries including Japan in March of 1998. Think we could help you promote in sand?

    That Silly Clown

Other than being the "class Clown" all my school days, I never had a thought about painting my face and performing... but in the early eighties my friend Rick Benbow and I became involved with Ocean Safari in the capacity of concessionaires. Performing magic for the patrons at the bar (as i had done at Blackbeards while bartending) caused the owner of the park to notice me and to ask me if i would do shows to fill in for the cat show, which was to go to Vegas for 30 days... a clown was born!

I have completed 17 fun and silly years as Amazin' Walter silly clown. I have worked Sombrero Fest for eight years in a row (ninth year booked) , the Mercedes Automobile Show 3 years ( http://unlitter.com/autoshow ), and manned my spot on the patio at Blackbeards restaurant making balloons for my seventh summer (starting my eightth). A few convention parties, birthday parties, school shows,and Christmas parties and the "Amazin' Walter, silly clown is still havin' fun!  



December, 1996 issue of the Linking Ring magazine (the official magazine for The International Brotherhood of Magicians) carries a personal reflection of what it is like to "play Santa" for real. Titled I Saw Santa " by Amazin' Walter" McDonald. And in 1997 the Linking Ring selected Amazin' Walter for the cover photo and story and featured him carving on a sand castle while dressed as Santa... Other published works include Sand Castles Step by Step by Lucinda Wierenga with Walter McDonald; a how to book on sand sculpting which has been translated into Japanese for a spring release in Japan. A new American version is also in the works. I also shot photos for two locally produced history books on the Rio Grande Valley, by Steve Hathcock.


I guess it was ego gratification (with a dash of opportunism) that started me promoting South Padre Island as my "end of the road island paradise" and me as just the guy to help you have fun and go home with a souvenir to help you remember just how much fun you had. Since Sandy Feet and I teamed up (early 80's) we have been listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the organizers of the "Millerpede" (the worlds longest sand sculpture), featured in a two page spread in the "Globe" (the supermarket tabloid) identifying us as the "The King and Queen of Sandcastles", a chapter in Bob StJohns book "South Padre-The Island and its People, as well as a chapter in Bob Phillips (Texas Country Reporter) book 52 Offbeat Texas Stops. Mr. Phillips also saw fit to include us in his video tape 25 Years on the Backroads.

Though it is now a couple of years behind us the TELEVISION COMMERCIAL FOR BEST BUY!!!!!!!!!!

 Don't Quit
Article from Dan Leeth that ran in many publications....

photos of our castle in fashion spread!



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