I SAW SANTA.... a reflection by AMAZIN' WALTER


 I saw Santa Christmas Eve. I didn't expect to. I didn't think I believed.

It was a work night for me. As an entertainer I get asked to do unusual things fairly often. I have a beard (grayer than I thought) and work as a clown, a musician, and a sandsculptor. I have even done a few parties as a balloon-making "Santa" with something for everyone out of Santa's bag. But I could only hope that experience was enough to prepare me for this Christmas Eve assignment. I must admit I was a little resistant when the mother of two of my favorite birthday "Party Kids" asked if I would be Santa and let her children catch the jolly old elf "in the act". (It seems that a neighbor had done this for her family when she was a child and she wanted to repeat it for her children.) She didn't want a pretend Santa; she wanted the Real Thing!

The first time I got a glimpse of Santa was in the mirror in my bath room. I had put a little clown white in my beard, eyebrows and hair -- plus a little baby powder to help it not be too much of a mess -- and this combination was radiant in the glow of the night light. I also had rosied my cheeks slightly and purchased a pair of the down- on-your-nose gold rim reading glasses, (the kind we expect to see Santa in), and the effect was too good; I SAW SANTA, and he was Me!

The second time I saw Santa was on Christmas eve. When I entered the room (fortunately for me the residence was chimneyless) the parents were allowing themselves to be talked into letting the kids sleep on the floor around the Christmas tree -- on the off chance that they might get to see Santa in action. I of course protested that I didn't expect to find them still awake, but there I was with my arms laden with gifts which I passed out to all present.

He was there. I think there is video evidence. He was there and it wasn't me. In the childrens faces you could see it: SANTA WAS THERE!


 reprinted with permission from:

THE LINKING RING... official publinction of


volume 76 number 12 december 1996


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