thank you Seiko Uyedo

ABOVE: in this composite photo of Shonan Beach, from atop the pile shown below, you can see
Enoshima Island on the left and Mt Fuji on the right

oldest shrine at Enoshima Island

Looking a lot like Fujisan (seen in the background) our pile of sand awaits us at Shonan Beach.

I would go back to this location for a vacation... it is beautiful and serene... in a hustle bustle sort of way... 

Fujisan and one damn big pile of sand


Sons of the Beach return from Japan!

hi amazin' walter here... i'm back from japan (yes, sandyfeet is back also)... arrived on the evening of the 23rd of march after 25 hours of travel time... from the inn to enoshima station in a cab... an hour and 10 minutes on an express train to shinjuku station in tokyo... about a hour bus ride to narita airport and 3 hours waiting... shopping... eating.... reminiscing about the previous 6 days and nights... a ten hour flight to dallas with good food (AA international) sleep, food, sleep, breezed customs but still had to hustle up the bags and go through the motions... 1 1/2 hour wait at dallas airport... hour and 39 minutes to harlingen and about an hour to blackbeards ... mmmm... 25 hours or so... and fifteen time zones makes for a very long drawn out day... i hope my brain catches up sometime!

a composite photo of shonan beach from atop out pile of sand

photos by m. hidaka

the project... shonan beach: dark sand... plenty of silt (makes it stick together easily) sandyfeet and i "quick trained" (one of sandy feets famous 1 hr lessons and a few hints from me about getting larger towers) 15 japanese students who then proceeded to help us decorate a pile of sand about 20 feet tall by about 40 feet in diameter... we turned it into a true "Sons of the Shonan Beach" original creation... it was fun!... the volunteers (ok a couple of them weren't students they were a dentist and a postal worker) were great... they worked hard and stayed to the end... and some of them came out for an extra day... we couldn't work on friday because of the wind... while waiting for the weather to change (it didn't) sandy feet and i made them some balloons and i did a few magic tricks for them... SOB silliness needs no translation... we were lucky enough to have Seiko Uyedo as our guide and interpreter on this trip but she didn't say a thing while we did the balloons and magic... (you know... she's the one that translated our book into japanese ... didn't you read it?)

above photos by sandyfeet... SOB silliness needs no translation...