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Using negative space to create the state of Texas and hanging the seagull and palm trees on this piece gives it a sense of place and the hearts around it indicate a love of that place!


Are we seeing a person on this piece? I like the mystery created by the almost recognizable shapes within this cross.

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 The Lone Star Heart Flush with a Heart Cross... this design is also available as a simple pendant, choker, belt buckle, and other applications


silver and brass


semi-tropical fish earrings

kites in the air (lapis and mother of pearl... sterling)

 Fabricating jewelry by hand is a very physical activity. That is what I like most about it. Hammering, sawing, filing, melting, soldering. Very pro active with the metal. Silver and Gold have properties that make it obvious why they are called precious metals. I follow in the tradition of hundreds of years of silver/gold smithing.


My designs are influenced by where I live and how I react to my environment. I make most of my living building sandcastles and clowning at festivals, parties, and conventions.

The sandcastle influence is obvious but the fact that I spend a lot of time on the beach and generally "in nature" is also apparent.

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5 points about texas


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Jolly Roger
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that was fun amazin' walter but i would rather do something else now..... 

i'd rather look at sandcastles

 send in the clowns
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