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Randy's Big Vacation! at South Padre Island, Texas.... eeehaw and yipee!!!!!
Here is Randy King, happy camper, sitting at Amberjacks restaurant on South Padre Island, Texas having lunch after catching fish in the Laguna Madre.

Spending 10 days at South Padre Island is the result of a great birthday present to Randy from his lovely wife Kathy. "Go on get out of here, go have some fun, go catch some fish, but don't look at the bikinis", she said.

resident vacationers that are helping the King have fun!!!!!
Admiral Karen Rogers, didn't go fishing, just came for the lunch...
cha cha cha
Cha Cha Cha... Capt Randy havin' a great time over his burger!
 just look
Just look at Amazin' Walters burger... JUST LOOK !!!!

Dennis "the apprentice", gadget guy, and taker of all these photos, looks at Amazin' Walters' burger.....

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In another life, Randy King is Commander of the Flying Squirrels Airforce, an on line group
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