2001 Photos


Ft Myers Beach, Florida 11/01

Once again I came, I played, I lost....or at least i didn't win any money....I had fun!

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 Orange Beach, Alabama 10/01

Orange Beach, Alabama Masters Competition... click here for more pictures....

Sand Castles Delivered!

Amazin' Walter installing the delivered castle for the Bahia Mar Resort to the Sunrise Mall at Brownsville, Texas. It will be on display for a year.
Bahia Mar Resort sand castle @ Sunrise Mall, Brownsville, Tx.

"Bird Watching"

Play time at South Padre Island, Texas
sculpture by:
The "up and coming" amateur, Mike Patterson, who currently resides in Houston, and Amazin' Walter, on a beautiful South Padre Island morning

"P.M. Beach Party"

That's Phillip Morris... built at the Fairmont Hotel with 4 tons (eighty bags) of children's sandbox or "play sand" by... The San Marcos Suns, Danny Dever and Mark Lambdin with assistance from Amazin' Walter...

thanks guys it was good for me!

 Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas


I especially like to go to this beach for the beach cleanup... amazin' walter

I grew up going to this beach on family outings and boy scout campouts it stirs fond childhood memories...

this sculpture was built by the team of:
Lucinda "sandyfeet" Wierenga,
Dennis "sandslave" Barrett,
and Amazin' Walter

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 McFaddin Beach Cleanup.... Jefferson County, Texas

South Padre Island, Texas 
When John and Judy came to play... we had fun! down by Boomerang Billy's
When Family Visits..... John and Judy Payne

On the Porch at the South Padre Island, Convention Center
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Posing by the Largest Permanent Sand Castle in the State of Texas are sculptors, , Steve "Dunehead" Mutter, Lucinda "sandyfeet' Wierenga, Amazin' Walter and Dennis "sandslave" Barrett. not pictured Adelaide "the Barefoot Beach Bum" Bennett
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 Amazin Walter working on
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