Amazin' Walter... that sandcastle wizard from South Padre Island, Texas

take a sandcastle lesson from Amazin' Walter....... click! ... OK... I'm famous in my neighborhood... it's enough for me... who would have ever thought it?... Sandcastles have taken over a large part of my life... since moving to South Padre Island in the early 80's (sittin' on the beach, staying outta reach) I have built sandcastles in 6 countries and 13 states... it's fun... it's exciting... come on down... I can teach you how...
we can build castles together... 

2004 in the sand

Sand Castles 2003

Europe in the summertime!
Self Portrait by Amazin' Walter
Blankenberg, Belgium July '03
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 September 2001! 
Various and SunDried Sons of the Beach bring home medals from the World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition held at Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
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Sand Castles Delivered!



A few castles from 2001....

Oprah's Castle by the Sea!

Paradise Island, Bahamas... Amazin' Walter and Oprah

Who'd a ever thought?


 Port Aransas contest... 2001... Fun was had!

See the Wizards Domain...


 Giant Sandcastle:

See it anytime... on the porch at the South Padre Island Convention Center,

South Padre Island, Texas....

Click to see several incarnations of this sculpture...

  South Texas Snowball 
 you know.... on the BEST BUY commercial....The one with the "South Texas snowball"... and the sexy toes!!!! (ok, I'm milking it, they took out the south Texas snowball and it hasn't been on tv in a long time, but it is still the biggest thing that ever happened to me) click here to see it being made...


Meet Toastie.... Click!
CBS interview.....


World Championship 2000!

From Sandy Feet

Arbor Daze... Euless, Texas

 summer poster


Houston Museum of Natural Science

Mysteries of Egypt... click!


Self Magazine for fashionable SoBs.. click!

Port Aransas contest....

Crayola Kids Magazine July 1999

If you missed it on the newstand, see it here!

 In the July issue... see the sculpture Sandy Feet and Amazin' Walter built March 4th in Sarasota, Fla... click here!

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auto show castle 2/99

Beach Cleanup banner
The Jefferson County Sons of the Beach ... 1999.... click here to see it!

don't quit
click here to see the Houston Chronicle story by Dan Leeth

 "Wizards Roost" by Amazin' Walter

1st Place
American Sandsculpting Championship
Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida

"Owed to Gaudi" by Amazin' Walter

3rd Place
World Championship Sandsculpting Competition
Harrison Hotsprings, BC

Click here: Amazin' Walters 2nd place win at Ft Myers Beach 2000

Unlitter castle
see the castle


 9/97...Sand Diego California...and i was there! see it!

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Practice for World Championship

Sand Fantasies

 yard castle pin
Yard Castle

Dream Arch
The Wizards Dream

TIG Castle
TIG Insurance
Bergefest in Boerne

More Amazin' Pics


JAPAN Enoshima Island




Click here for the ultimate sand castle information site... hosted by sandyfeet!

web correspondent
sandyfeet... queen of sandcastles
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from DC Sand 
mystery mermaid
can you identify this mermaid?


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