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 Unlitter..... To properly dispose of more garbage than you generate!

and that is exactly what 2037 people did at on April 25, 1998 , Sons of the Beach day in Jefferson County, Texas during the annual Beach Cleanup at Sea Rim Park and Mc Faddin Beach in Jefferson County, Texas

 Beach Cleanup banner  See the 1999 Beach Cleanup at McFaddin Beach... photos by Dennis the apprentice!

 Beach Cleanup/ Jefferson Co.
and they're coming back for more on April 25, 1999... see you there!
 Jefferson Co. Beach Cleanup  "I think having April 25, 1998 declared Sons of the Beach day in Jefferson County, Texas is the highlight of the Unlitter Campaign and the culmination of a lot of years of getting the message out there. Thanks Jefferson County Commissioners and all other sponsors, promoters, and participants. Texas Beaches need you!" castle  The Unlitter sculpture the Sons of the Beach did for the Miss Texas, USA beauty pageant at South Padre Island, Texas.
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