Sand Castle School.... a very small branch of USoBU.... that's Universal Sons of the Beach University
Since coming to South Padre Island for the first time in 1978 Amazin' Walter has been involved with, some say stuck in, the sand that naturally acrues on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico at the southern tip of Texas. One of the ways his involvement has taken is to teach people to have fun in the sand.... yep!.... just call him perfesser amazin'

send me a picture of your lesson....

Beginners..... a good time was had by all...

L/R Lindsey O'neal, Michelle Orendorff, and Marlissa Reid, perfesser amazin' (photo by Sherree Reid, also a participant in the class)

 "sittin' on the beach

stayin' outta reach

sittin' on the beach

ringgggggg... it's another sandscastle lesson booking... call me on my cell phone... 956 433 9659

yes we practice what we preach... down at south padraaaaay"...*

*from a song by amazin'walter

 Another hard day at the office for perfesser amazin'.... i guess i don't have to tell you this job has perks...

 ."The Great Experience of SPI"

"We enjoyed your expertise"
The Weinberg Family, June 1999

 When life's a beach... build sandcastle.....

 Had a lesson?.... need another?.... I didn't learn it in an hour.......

Phone 956 761 5943 or cell 956 433 9659


  Jerry Boehme has had more than one lesson.... he has the tools.... he now needs more vacation time!... nice work Jerry!

 Have Fun!

That"s Perfesser Amazin' !
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