How I use the Sawyer Mini Water Filter & DIY Carbon Filter Adapter Mod for best performance/results

my personal water fitlration kit with Sawyer Mini Mod and usefor my region (Southwest US, California, San Diego) I explain how to better utilize the Sawyer Mini water filter (non-squeeze) version with the DIY carbon filter adapter modification I’ve made to it.
…which gives me better tasting filtered water.

I also show you the coffee filters I carry and explain a little about that. I also show you my squeeze bulb used in conjunction with a piece of aquarium tubing to draw water out of cracks between rocks and shallow puddles.

For filtered water storage I generally carry two stainless steel containers, which can also be used to boil the water over a fire. As well as I carry a plastic squeeze bottle that gives me the option to jet spray water, which comes in handy for washing things around camp.

I am currently frequenting riparian zones in the Southwest US around San Diego, the Mojave, Anza Borrego deserts, Cleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca State Park, and other locations

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